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  • 【FT-1003】3/4 to 1/2 faucet


    25ft - 50ft - 70ft - 100ft four sizes
    Blue, Green, Orange, etc colors
    2-color Natural Latex, Imitated Latex,  inner tube material
    PE bag packing, colorful box packing 

    <Expandable Garden Hose>   
    • Never twist, tangle or kink 
    • Super strong and durable yet ultra lightweight.
    • Automatically expands up to about 3 times its original length when water is turned on
    • Automatically contracts back in seconds when water is turned off    
    • Made from high pressure-resistance durable Natural Latex Imitated Latex inner tube and high tenacity polyester fabric webbing outer covering
    • Size 1 :  25ft - 7.5m       contracts to 2.5m when not in use
      Size 2 :  50ft - 15m        contracts to 5.0m when not in use 
      Size 3 :  75ft - 22.5m     contracts to 7.5m when not in use
      Size 4 :  100ft - 30m      contracts to 10.0m when not in use