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  • Activated carbon air filter
  • Housing Material: Galvanised steel; Or Stainless steel

    The Activated Carbon Filters are constructed with a "packed bed" design to give consistent performance, long life (12 to 18 months), and are completely maintenance free. The packed bed containing 4 pounds of activated carbon prevents the formation of preferential channels which can allow untreated air through the system. This unique design gives PureFlow Filters a larger surface area for significantly lowered pressure drops.

    Inner DN            Length              Out DN           Air Flow                 
    100mm 300mm Φ 200mm 350m3 /h
    125mm 300mm Φ 225mm 500m3 /h
    150mm 300mm Φ 250mm 600m3 /h
    150mm 600mm Φ 250mm 900m3 /h
    200mm 400mm Φ 300mm 800m3 /h
    200mm 600mm Φ 300mm 1125m3 /h
    250mm 600mm Φ 350mm 1420m3 /h
    315mm 600mm Φ 415mm 2400m3 /h
    315mm 1000mm Φ 415mm 4000m3 /h

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