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  • Mesh Febric Air Duct---Model¡¾CBPV-NOD¡¿
  •  ( MODEL: CBPV-NOD )

    Manufactured from hardwearing PVC canvas strip reinforced with high tension steel spring wire. They are Self-holding during usage and low wind resistance, and specifically produced for low and medium pressure heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, exhaust and dust extraction systems.

     Cloth based pvc flexible duct are highly resilient and can be used in applications with excessive vibration and/or perpetual motion systems. They are airtight, highly elastic and flexible. They can be easily fitted to circular , oval or rectangular connectors. Cloth based pvc flexible ductare non-flammable.

    Diameter Range 75-300mm (3"-12")
    Temperature Range -30 ~ +200ºC
    Velocity Of Air Flow (MAX.) 30 m/s
    Working Pressure 2500 Pa
    Color Black, grey
    Standard Length 10M etc