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  • Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct---Model¡¾SEMIFLEX¡¿
  • SEMIFLEX aluminium/stainless steel semi-flexible air ducts are flexible, extendable and highly reliable for low and medium pressure air conditioning, ventilation, boiler systems and chimney liners. Very light with negligible extra load, easy to install, aesthetic and modern.

    SEMIFLEX aluminium/stainless semi-flexible air ducts are elastic, flexibile and stretchable. Oval and circular connectors are easily installed.

     SEMIFLEX aluminium/stainless semi-flexible air ducts is secured using an "INTERLOCK" crimp system."INTERLOCK" crimp systems minimize separation of the duct when it is stretched or bent.

     SEMIFLEX aluminium/stainless semi-flexible air ducts are non-flammable.

    Diameter Range 80-315mm(3"-12")
    Thickness of Alu ribbon 0.11mm; 0.09mm, 0.08mm; Available on request
    Corrugations 9; 7; 5; Etc  
    extension rate 1:3, 1:3.5 and 1:3.75
    Standard Length 1M; 3M; 5M; 6M