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  • Oval Galvanized Steel Air Pipe
  • 1¡¢Introduction  
    Oval screw air pipe is formed by special hydraulic pressure from screw air pipe has higher strength and better airtight and has greatly reduced installation space(height) of air pipes and expanded the application range of round air pipe except maintaining merits of hydraulic pressure screw air pipe.  

    2¡¢Common spec size of oval screw wind pipe  

    3¡¢Common fittings

    4¡¢Joining method  
    Connection type: common flanges connected each other, also adopt loincloth joint and socket insert joints etc.  
    £¨1£©Molding screw duct by hydraulic pressure has higher strength and better air tight.  
    £¨2£©The height of wind pipe is greatly reduced and minished installation height of air conditioner and saving construction cost.  
    £¨3£©Small damp circle of breaking surface, small resistance of traveling and less energy loss  
    £¨4£©To install convenient, fast, save labor force and reduce installation time.  
    £¨5£©Especially suitable for bright wind pipe, good appearance and beautiful  
    £¨6£©Suitable for occasions together with other installation types and less influence to other type of installations.  
    £¨7£©Heat preservation outside the pipe is far better than common round wind pipe  
    6¡¢Suitable Installation Drawing