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Customer Idea
Solve all problems of wind pipes for you and develop together with you

Service Promise
First, Service Aim
Serve “God” wholeheartedly
Second, service scheme
1, before sales service 1), if customers demand, help to design according to customer's special requirements. 2),
receive customers warmly; deal with incoming telegrams, letters, faxes and other consultation quickly. 3), help to train
operators, maintaining technicians free of charge, guarantee they can master skillfully.
2, On sale service
1) Organize to produce strictly according to the technical requirements in contracts and related national standardization,
deliver goods at promised places with required quality and quantity.
2£©When customers select models incorrectly, order products not sufficiently or other circumstance ask for goods in
advance, our company will deal with special condition by special methods considering of customers’ condition, arrange
production in priority and try our best to meet customers’ demand.
3¡¢After sale service
1), Our company implements 48-hour after-sale service; namely, when receiving users’ after-sale service notice, our
attendants will get to the appointed place provide service within 48 hours.
2) For quality problems of damage before proof inspections and shortage, our company is responsible for them generally.
3) Quality problem existing or appeared within quality warranty period, if it is really our company’s responsibility after
confirming by both parties, our company will be responsible for disposal carefully and all reasonable expenses are all
taken by our company.
4) If quality problem is caused by users after confirming by both parties, our company also will help to solve actively and
strive to meet users’ rational requirements.
5£©Users’ design, product specification and quantity of type are changed to some extent, our company will respond
actively. The urgently needed is urgent, it will make great efforts to meet user's requirements; if product that users ordered
exceed the actual need or design has been changed, products in original orders can't be used continuously, our company will cooperate with users and do the after sale disposal and reduce users’ burdens.
6£©Users need technological guidance during the course of using, our company will send professional and technicians to provide service in time and meet user's requirements.
7£©Our company sets up user's file. After warranty period is expired, we will continue to visit users regularly, get in touch
with users by letter and telephone, consult users’ opinions and suggestions, count and analyze users’ suggestions and quality problems, constantly improve our management, further enhance product quality and marketing service quality,
pursue perfection and meet users’ demands.