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1. Q: Is the steel sheet of the spiral air pipe as thick as that of the rectangular air pipe?
A: In the process of the spiral air pipe manufacturing,normally in every 10mm or so spacement a connecting
reinforcement rib is arranged,which undoubtly reinforces the air pipe,therefore,the thickness of the steel sheet
for the spiral air pipe can be appropriately reduced by 10%15%. (Refer to GB50243-2002)
2.Q.There is any special requirement for the installation of the spiral air pipe supporter and hanging frame?
A: No special requirement.To install normal air pipe for that in diam or long side ≤400mm,the spacement shal
not be more than 4m;for that in diam and long side of more than 400mm the spacement shall not be bigger
than 3m,while for the spiral air pipe the spacement of supporters and hanging frames may extend to 5m and
3.75m respectively;if vertical installation the spacement shall not be bigger than 4m.Any single straight pipe
shall have at least 2 fixing points.It is advisable to select such a form and specification that correspond to the
strength and rigidity according to the international atlas and normative for the airpipe supporter and hanging
3.Q:What is the light-leak test?
A: The light-leak test is such a method that applies the strong penetrating force of the light to test the tightness
of the system airpipes.A certain strong safety light source shall be applied for the test.For the hand movable
light source one may apply a not less than 100W sheltered low-voltage illumination light source or other
else low voltage light source.
During the light-leak test to the system airpipe the light source may be set inside or outside the airpipe.
But its opposite side shall be a dark ambience.The testing light shall move slowly along the interface area and
the joint seam under the test ,but the observation is to be done on the other side.In case some light ray is
emitted out ,it means a finding of an obvious airleak point which shall be recorded in wtiting.